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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Quantum as a means to a UFO explanation?

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I just got the book pictured here.

It is a 287 page "exegesis" of quantum mechanics' oddities and truths.

I'm not reviewing the book but will use it for some conjectures here.

Quantum theory is replete with opportunities to explain various troubling items that you and I (and other UFO buffs) contend with: the nature of reality, consciousness, and things that are weird in essence and "real" in our terms of reality.

That is, UFOs are real but a true mystery, not a transcendental mystery but a niggling "itch" we all keep scratching to no avail.

I think that a number of approaches (psychology, neurology, cosmology even) can be directed at the UFO enigma, especially the vicissitudes of quantum theory.

This book has a number of suggestions that may be applied. We'll see.



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